Addressing and Preventing Workplace Harassment: It’s About Leadership

Is it really all so new? Recent, well-publicized revelations about patterns of harmful sexual behavior against women in Hollywood and Washington, and in workplaces large and small, have lawyers, human resources professionals and corporate managers scrambling to find ways address and prevent workplace harassment and retaliation. Again. Women have emerged from their self- or contractually-imposed […]

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10 Things You MUST Do As The New In-House Employment Counsel

You’ve decided to make the leap from private law practice to in-house employment counsel. Congratulations! For some, exchanging billing, long-hours, and the highly-competitive, partnership track for a more predictable schedule, an established client base, and a new, shared mission may immediately feel well worth it. Before your switch, you found professional prestige as part of […]

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Posted: October 25, 2017 in: In-House Employment Practice

Introducing Palladino Law!

I’m so thrilled and humbled for this Firm to join an incredible community of legal and human resources practitioners. During the past several months leading up to our Firm’s launch, I have encountered, learned from and been encouraged by some of the most hard-working, respectable and giving folks around. I’m grateful for the guidance, support […]

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Posted: September 11, 2017 in: Firm Announcements