Do Your Disability and Leave Policies Support Employees With Mental Illness?

I must confess that I knew relatively little about Anthony Bourdain prior to his untimely death. I watched his show, Parts Unknown, a couple of times. He appeared to be a man with an incredibly interesting life, who travels, eats and drinks in some fascinating places with a diverse set of individuals. He shed light […]

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10 Things You MUST Do As The New In-House Employment Counsel

You’ve decided to make the leap from private law practice to in-house employment counsel. Congratulations! For some, exchanging billing, long-hours, and the highly-competitive, partnership track for a more predictable schedule, an established client base, and a new, shared mission may immediately feel well worth it. Before your switch, you found professional prestige as part of […]

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Posted: October 25, 2017 in: In-House Employment Practice