Introducing Palladino Law!

I’m so thrilled and humbled for this Firm to join an incredible community of legal and human resources practitioners. During the past several months leading up to our Firm’s launch, I have encountered, learned from and been encouraged by some of the most hard-working, respectable and giving folks around. I’m grateful for the guidance, support and inspiration of so many to make this Firm a reality.

As I reflect on my experiences as a lawyer and human resources leader, I am struck by how rapidly both areas are changing, whether through innovation, technology, access to information, dynamic laws/regulations/practices, global and local competition, politics, and “the need for speed.” Moreover, the evolution of the rule of law, expansion of our regional economy and infrastructure, and transformation of “work” as we know it make for fascinating, challenging problems and innovative solutions.

As a result of these experiences and some thoughtful advice, I’ve structured this Firm and my own approach to law and human resources practice in a manner that encompasses all those important characteristics you expect from a trusted advisor and zealous advocate, and complements these traits with empathy, pragmatism and authenticity:

Empathy: “You know how I feel and what’s important to me.” To gain a perspective of how the client “feels,” you must actively listen, find common ground among our differences, and explore with great depth what drives the goals, fears and needs of the client. With the opposition, I can leverage empathy to determine its interests, doubts and exposures, which will inform and drive case strategy.

Pragmatism: “I only need a clear and concise answer to one question, not a memo raising more questions.” One of the things I found most frustrating as a client was asking a question and getting a long answer to many questions or, worse, a long answer to many questions other than the one I asked! And then getting a lengthy, expensive bill for that time! Value is driven by efficiently presenting the spectrum of options, the business/personal and/or legal risk associated with each option, and a clear path forward based upon the option selected. Pragmatic does not mean simple, but it does mean concisely offering well-organized, well-considered and clearly explained guidance to put the client in the best possible position to make an informed decision.

Authenticity: “Are you really focused on my needs or your own?” Putting the traditional lawyer stereotypes aside, this Firm will maintain and value the integrity of the legal profession while genuinely connecting with clients. Authenticity requires doing the small things – communicating promptly and honestly, being easily accessible and approachable, and legitimately managing each and every matter as if it were my own.

With these principles in mind, I am looking forward to supporting and guiding all of you, in the workplace and in the community, through our exciting partnerships ahead!

Posted: September 11, 2017 in: Firm Announcements